Entry into force and period of validity of the Contract

Parties to the Contract are Easylinehost Finland Oy (in the following referred to as Easylinehost) and the subscriber of the service (Customer). The Contract shall enter into force upon ordering and paying for the service by the Customer. The duration of the Contract will be limited. The Customer chooses the duration of the service when ordering it. Moreover, the Customer may extend the duration of the Contract upon request.

Terms of the Contract stipulated by Easylinehost

The Customer undertakes to comply with the following conditions when using the network connections and service provided by Easylinehost:

1. When using the network, the information the Customer is notified of by Easylinehost on the company.s homepage are to be taken into account, and in electronic communication transmission the code of practice is to be observed. Any disturbance of network connections and of other users as well as the acquisition of unlicensed additional rights is most strictly prohibited.

2. Easylinehost shall not be liable for acts of the Customer which he has conducted through the service, nor for material and files of the Customer. Furthermore, Easylinehost shall not be liable for the data security of the Customer.s data system.

Terms of delivery concerning the service provided by Easylinehost:

1. As regards the domain name, the rules of the superior registration agencies (ICANN rules with .com, .net, .org domains) shall apply.

2. Easylinehost shall be entitled to change the IP addresses made available to the Customer for use by the latter.

3. Easylinehost shall not be liable for possible damage suffered by the Customer through the systems or programmes used by him, nor for any losses possibly caused by disturbances, interruptions or unreliability of data security. Also, Easylinehost shall not be liable for any other damage suffered by the Customer as far as it is an obstacle outside the area of influence of Easylinehost, so that its consideration cannot be presumed for equity reasons at the time of the conclusion of the Contract and its consequences may as well not be prevented or omitted for equity reasons.

4. Legal liability of Easylinehost shall be limited to that sum which corresponds to the payment made by the Customer for the service and the sum corresponding to the remaining time of the service respectively at the highest. Compensation shall have to be claimed within one month upon having noticed the fault constituting the basis for the claim for compensation or from the point in time when the Customer should have noticed the fault.

5. One party may notify the other party about the termination of the Connection Contract by way of a notice of termination in written form or via e-mail. The period of notice shall be two (2) months and starts at the date of notification. Any price paid in advance in the termination procedure for a service which has not been rendered will not be repaid to the Customer.

6. Easylinehost does not guarantee that the speed of the network connection will remain constant.

7. Easylinehost shall repair defects in its own data network as soon as possible within the framework of regular hours. Easylinehost shall not be liable for damage or defects in the data networks or service of third parties.

8. The Customer shall be liable for damage resulting from breaches of contract committed by him or other damage incurred by Easylinehost in the form of direct and/or indirect compensation payable to Easylinehost.

9. The Customer shall be liable for rights of use and copyrights tied to the material used by him and for the compensations stemming from them. The Customer uses the service subscribed to by him and the data network on his own responsibility and shall be liable for his actions. The Customer shall hold Easylinehost and its employees as well as business partners harmless against any possible consequences which may be caused by the acts of the Customer in connection with the service directly or indirectly subscribed to or with the Internet data network.

10. The Customer shall be liable for the correctness of the details given by him, and he shall be obliged to give notice regarding changed details concerning the service subscribed to or the subscriber as soon as possible. Furthermore, the Customer shall bear the costs arising from the correction of false or changed details.

11. The Customer undertakes to observe the law and accepted principles of morality applicable in Finland respectively. Easylinehost shall be entitled to discontinue the service temporarily or permanently or to revoke it in case the Customer.s activities prove to be contrary to Finnish law or to the accepted principles of morality.

12. The Customer shall pay the registration fee and any accessorial services incurring fees as well as other fees in accordance with the valid price list. Payment has to be made in advance, only subscriptions paid for will be processed.

13. Easylinehost shall have the right to assign this Contract and its points to third parties.

14. Possible disputes stemming from this Contract shall be arbitrated.

Terms of the Contract updated on 8.3.2012