Maintenance window

Service level agreement provides Internet Service Provider (ISP) right to perform preventive maintenance of network and services (later as "maintenance window", a period of time designated for maintenance which can cause disruption of the services at the time).

In Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark the above mentioned maintenance window is at 00.00 - 06.00 (local time).

Disruption at the maintenance window does not count at usability measurements.

ISP reserves the right to do preventive and usability maintenance also outside maintenance window. The time schedule will be stated to customers at least 5 days in advance, unless the maintenance is urgent and cannot wait.

Maintenance window areas

Area Time Time
Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden) and Baltics Local Tuesday 00.00-06.00
Japan Local Tuesday 01.00-07.00
America Local Tuesday 02.00-08.00
Other Local Tuesday 01.00-05.00

ISP does not guarantee service usability if maintenance cannot be done in stated time due customer related issues.